Family office with experience, passion and dedication to retail that allowed us to scale bolder flights based on strong relationships and supported by reliable technology.

Welcome CGV.inc

A private investment firm, focused on creating long-term value with a sustainable bias.

He has more than 80 years of experience in retail and entrepreneurship, combined with the experience of a multidisciplinary executive team.

Strategic Assets

Equity participation in companies and startups as an influential investor.

Private Equity

Investments in company equity,
in a variety of sectors,
such as construction, agriculture,
renewable energy and retail.

Real Estate

Portfolio of properties leased on long-term contracts.

Asset Management

Liquid proprietary assets (in and outside the country, within any asset class) with liquidity and risk management.


Participation in the management and operation of NGOs primarily focused on education and sustainability.

Years of market Experience

Focused on retail and entrepreneurship


In the process of mentoring and investment with a focus on construction.

Business units

Agrotech, Construtech, Incorporation, Energy, Real Estate, Social, Sustainability and Foreign Trade.

Different countries

Present in several countries, always focused on innovation.

How we work.
Our mission and values.

Transparent by nature, we invest in initiatives that generate long-term value and that are in line with our principles.


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A private investment family office, focused on creating long-term value with a sustainable bias.



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